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MondayMonday began years ago, before the days of the blog, as a facsimile publication designed by Jay Breakstone to speak to his people, New York’s personal injury trial lawyers. Practicing law in New York was hard enough, so a little humor, some personal observations and an interesting case or two made the new week just a bit more agreeable.

Over the years, Jay shared his thoughts and readings with his friends and colleagues, building a core of the state’s most dedicated and talented trial lawyers. In fact, there were even judges who managed to get a copy of MondayMonday and would cite it in their decisions. However, as Jay would caution, MondayMonday was not made for the lawyer who read only one newsletter each week. In order to make MondayMonday valuable, Jay would almost always avoid the “big” decisions of the week, secure in the knowledge that his readers would get that legal education somewhere else.

Living The Law

If you lived the law, every day, then MondayMonday was for you. To this day, it’s not for amateurs and surely not for civilians. MondayMonday is for lawyers, and most often, for the best of those.

MondayMonday is published by PARKER WAICHMAN LLP, A National Law Firm, offering appellate counsel to the profession, together with trial counsel and referral/co-counsel in cases involving significant damages.

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